You can find germans in all countries of the world an usualy you do not have to search long for them. It’s true, germans travel a lot. Several Millions of us leave Germany every year during summer-holidays. The most favorite destinations for such travels are inside Europe: The coast and Islands of Mediterranean Sea like Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey or the Mountains of the alpes in Austria or Swiss.

Sure, many Germans also stay in Germany for their holidays.

Just something about Germans travelling is a Myth: We do not have to wear uniforms while visiting Europe. This is an old myth from WW1 and WW2. And that times only the German men went out to see the foreign countries. Today most Germans do not like to wear uniforms. And the travel-Groups of single men are smaler and have a differnt interest: They look for Beer and Girls and not for conquering. Sending out uniformed travellers is privileg of other countries now.

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