A common prejudice. But it shows only the halve of the truth. Sure, german beer is the best. Brewerys all over the world try to get the masters of brewing from Germany. People come from far away to get a taste of this delicious drink. The quality of german beer is still based on our “Reinheitsgebot” (Purity requirement), which was set in 1516 by “Duke” Wilhelm IV in Bavaria.

German men like beerBut back to “All german Men like beer”. Truth is: Most german men like beer. It is like food. It contains all nescessary vitamines. It is the reason for our strength and our indescribable beauty. So if you see a strong man from Germany, you will know, prejudice ist true.

You will find some hundrets of different sorts of beer in Germany. All have the same content of materials:  Hop, malz and water. You’ll find many high quality brewerys in Germany … if you can: Try some local beer!

Some german men do not like beer. For excample in the small city Cologne people tell they would drink beer. But truth is: They drink colored water from Rhine, mixed with a bit perfume (4711).

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