German Men

Due the last century, especially german men are well known for travelling in uniform. People from Abroad now think, that germans have a special relation to uniforms. Not all ist true about this. Sure, sometimes it is very useful to have common dresses – like we can show on the picture.    

So: How does a german man gets his uniform?    

German UniformFirst time dressed: Parents are used to dress their baby similar to all other babys - maybe different colors for different genders. Have you ever tried out to find a baby in a big bunch of other babys? German men learn, that a uniform is good to hide in the crowd. 

Next time dressed: Teenage time. The German man decides to be different from all other people in the world - at least different to his parents. Scientists call that a sort of “creating own personality”. The german man decides to be Punk or Skinhead or whatever – just to be different from others. Funny thing to uniform yourself to show, that you are unique. 

The third time uniform: It is not used to be a time for all: The military. Only very few german men go there – so most do not have the knowledge of power of a military uniform.   

Later german men follow the dresscodes in business, find their uniformed opinion in newspapers and follow up everything that advertising can offer them – especially when they buy cars.  The time to use a uniform just as practical clothes for travelling are over.
German men do not like uniforms - they just wear them.

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This might be a true prejudice. The more: Germans like to have each job done till end - no halve things apreciated.

Lets take the war in Iraq as an Excample. After US bombed an officers-club in center of Bagdad to dust, german secret service found out, that there still are iraqi officers meeting there. “Just halve job done” the german Secret Service thought and teased the US guys, send them the coordinates again and confirmed their own prejudices about “Americans make their job only for half”.

But its not true, what Germans think about Americans: Those guys prooved, that they are able to use coordinates and informations and bomb something from dust to atoms - it just take sometimes some more time and sometimes the corrected informations …

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Don’t be stupid - do not believe in any prejudice you have heard about german men. No, we do not wear Lederhosen all the time!

Maybe even the whole world may think, that german men like “Lederhosen”. There seem to be an image of this funny Hill-Billys with leather-trousers, drinking beer and singing funny songs. We do not know, where this common prejudice comes from. For sure german men do not look like this young man at the right side. And we do not like to wear them … mostly. There might be some situations, where they are very practical. Lederhosen are very strong clothers…

But there is a little bit of truth in those words about German men like Lederhosen. Maybe not the ones you are thinking of at first. But german men (except the ones from Cologne) have special things in mind, when they think about lederhosen …

Lederhosen we like


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A common prejudice. But it shows only the halve of the truth. Sure, german beer is the best. Brewerys all over the world try to get the masters of brewing from Germany. People come from far away to get a taste of this delicious drink. The quality of german beer is still based on our “Reinheitsgebot” (Purity requirement), which was set in 1516 by “Duke” Wilhelm IV in Bavaria.

German men like beerBut back to “All german Men like beer”. Truth is: Most german men like beer. It is like food. It contains all nescessary vitamines. It is the reason for our strength and our indescribable beauty. So if you see a strong man from Germany, you will know, prejudice ist true.

You will find some hundrets of different sorts of beer in Germany. All have the same content of materials:  Hop, malz and water. You’ll find many high quality brewerys in Germany … if you can: Try some local beer!

Some german men do not like beer. For excample in the small city Cologne people tell they would drink beer. But truth is: They drink colored water from Rhine, mixed with a bit perfume (4711).

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A prejudice about german men reached me from cold Belarus. My friend Ilya told me, that Belarusians think, Germans love Porns!

I was not aware about this ugly picture we could have in other countries. Germany is a very serious place, where porn has no special role in society. We are sometimes a bit catholic because since some months “We Are Pope”. You think, such people can have just Porn in their brain?Or more concrete: Have a look at our “Kanzlerin” and you can imagine, that Porn is not the first thing we have in mind, if we look at our Country.

I found out the reason, why Belarussians have those prejudice: The favorite films of belarussian men are not synchronized …

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