February 2006

One of the common prejudices is that all Germans are overweighed.

If you are an open eyed person, you’ll be aware about the truth. Look around there are a lot of Germans you know. Or is there somebody who will pretend Heidi Klum  or Claudia Schiffer as fat.

Of cause there are some Germans which are large, but they are mostly from south Germany, Bavaria. And as Bavarians they are not fat they are “gstandne Mannsbilder”. This is Bavarian and says they are “Real Men”.

Once more I’ve to send back this prejudice to where it comes from. Have a look at this! Nothing more to say about “Who’s Fat”.


German Girls vs US Girls
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Don’t be stupid - do not believe in any prejudice you have heard about german men. No, we do not wear Lederhosen all the time!

Maybe even the whole world may think, that german men like “Lederhosen”. There seem to be an image of this funny Hill-Billys with leather-trousers, drinking beer and singing funny songs. We do not know, where this common prejudice comes from. For sure german men do not look like this young man at the right side. And we do not like to wear them … mostly. There might be some situations, where they are very practical. Lederhosen are very strong clothers…

But there is a little bit of truth in those words about German men like Lederhosen. Maybe not the ones you are thinking of at first. But german men (except the ones from Cologne) have special things in mind, when they think about lederhosen …

Lederhosen we like


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Watching TV News in those days is no fun! I never have seen so many burning danish embassies in my whole life. And all because of some cartoons in an unknown danish newspaper. If they would have written a joke about Muslims, noone would have noticed, because noone understand danish language.

“No fun” is the reaction in arabic world. While in Europe noone would even have noticed a bad cartoon joke and all would have been forgotten within a day, thousands and thousands of people in many countries stand up for big manifestations. Well … not only manifestations, some of those people prooves, that “they” are able to burn danish flags, danish dolls and danish embassies. And if there are no danish ones, “they” burn something else, what seems to be from Northern Europe, Europe or at least somewhere else. Jihad against … - well, who knows? At least Jihad.

But who is “They”? I do not think, that so idiotic actions are from every Muslim in the world. “They” are not the muslim world. “They” are agressive Idiots. Some fanatic people, who just looked for a resaon to burn things from Denmark (or elsewhere)? Are “they” bored? Do “they” have nothing better to do? Do “they” want to raise a wall between the people on earth, a border between “them” and “us”.

As Germans “we” have a bloody historie with burning things - and people. In fact “we” have had some years in between to learn, that this was the wrongest way we could have gone. The only ones burning flags in Germany are Football Hooligans burning the symbols off the opposite teams - mostly when they have lost.

So what is conclusion? Lets tell the people, who think they need to burn things, houses - and people - that we do not respect someone doing it. Please stop to do this bullshit in “Name of God”. And do not tell, that such idiotic actions are done because the soul and the feelings of Muslim all over the world are harmed by that danish picture. We all know, that this is not true. And keep in mind: Noone burned a House of a Muslim, pissed against a house of God, noone said “We have to fight someone because he’s Muslim”.

I know many good people and never cared about which color they have or which God they pray to. The good people have a good heart - no matter where they are from. And YOU - You stupid idiots who play with fire - will NOT destroy this one and only truth: Quality of a human beeing has nothing to do with race, religion, sexual orientation or something else. You cannot raise prejudice against Muslim - only against stupidness.

But who will be able to make a cartoon out of this words?

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