January 2006

According words I got from friends in Italy, Germans are counted as “potatoe freaks”. No german meal without potatoes and my friends believe, we would even plant them on the balcony.

Potatoes are no regular vegetable for Europe at all. They come from South America and have been planeted since aeons by indians in the Anden (Well … hopefully they are written same way in english…). Spanish Conquestadors and British Sailors brought it to Europe … mostly because of their nice bloms. 

Carolus Clusius planted 1589 the first potatoes in Germany.  The scholar, physician and scientist organised with his relations with other scientists and rich citizens for the spreading of potatoes.  First the potato was held as ornamental plant in gardens.  Potatoes have been well known for their cures and have been used in “Grandmas medicine”.  For self-supply she was probably planted during the 30-years war in the back gardens of South Germany.  As commodity the potatoe is mentioned for the first time 1757 in Frankfurt market reports - the beginning of their commercial use as acted food. 

Emphasis of the German cultivation of potato was Prussia.  Due to wars and from this resulting emergency its cultivation was intensified. King Friedrich issued the “potato instruction” in 1756, which forced the farmers to the cultivation of the potato.  The Prussian per-capita consumption at potatoes is to have amounted to already 1875 120 kilograms.

But what is in our days? The modern Germany is not Prussia - and the wars have finally stopped. In fact the potatoe farmers are crying: Not only according analyses but also in real market the germans do eat less and less potatoes. in 2005 only 66 kg of potatoes went into stomaches of german eaters. only the halve of it in rare form … most allready processed: As “French Fies” (who the hell inveted this name for belgium “Pommes Frittes”?) and other products.

But one thing stays a truth: Even when suffering from wars have stopped - Germans take about 20% of their need of vitamine C from potatoes. A healthy potatoe eating country.

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A common prejudice. But it shows only the halve of the truth. Sure, german beer is the best. Brewerys all over the world try to get the masters of brewing from Germany. People come from far away to get a taste of this delicious drink. The quality of german beer is still based on our “Reinheitsgebot” (Purity requirement), which was set in 1516 by “Duke” Wilhelm IV in Bavaria.

German men like beerBut back to “All german Men like beer”. Truth is: Most german men like beer. It is like food. It contains all nescessary vitamines. It is the reason for our strength and our indescribable beauty. So if you see a strong man from Germany, you will know, prejudice ist true.

You will find some hundrets of different sorts of beer in Germany. All have the same content of materials:  Hop, malz and water. You’ll find many high quality brewerys in Germany … if you can: Try some local beer!

Some german men do not like beer. For excample in the small city Cologne people tell they would drink beer. But truth is: They drink colored water from Rhine, mixed with a bit perfume (4711).

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Fast Google! They do not care about little Germany but about the whole offline World. They checked out, which prejudices there are about people in different Countries and published their Prejudice Map.

According this “Google Prejudice Map” Germans have precision, they enjoy their beer, have resourcefulnes and are punctual. Nice things you’re telling about us, but did you proove?

But how did they get their ideas about Gemany? They used Google search: The rescent map was created with help of googles search engine results - and we all know, that they have still problems with their algo-update “Big Daddy”. So let us check, what will be left when “Big Daddy” is fixed.

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A prejudice about german men reached me from cold Belarus. My friend Ilya told me, that Belarusians think, Germans love Porns!

I was not aware about this ugly picture we could have in other countries. Germany is a very serious place, where porn has no special role in society. We are sometimes a bit catholic because since some months “We Are Pope”. You think, such people can have just Porn in their brain?Or more concrete: Have a look at our “Kanzlerin” and you can imagine, that Porn is not the first thing we have in mind, if we look at our Country.

I found out the reason, why Belarussians have those prejudice: The favorite films of belarussian men are not synchronized …

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Heidi Klum do not need to shaveI’ve heard many men talking about german women, who do not shape themselves under their arms or wherever it is needed. All those guys sure never have seen a german girl!

The truth is: Most german women DO NOT NEED TO SHAVE! They have skins like a peach. Or can you imagine Heidi Klum or Claudia Schiffer operating with a electric shaver? Can you imagine them acting with sharp knifes?

German girls are very clever. If there is any ugly hair on their perfect bodys, they will find ways to cover them - in every situation…

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Somewhen in WW2 people start calling Germans as “Krauts”. All Germans are eating Cabbage - or better “Sauerkraut”? Let us check this.

SauerkrautCabbage is a vegetable, which is to be cultivated simply. In times of war, it might have been necessarily for the nutrition and against hunger. But now: Who are the real “Krauts”? In independent investigations one confirmed: Germans eat about 4 kg “Kraut” per year and person. But they are not champions in eating Cabbage! People in USA eat 4.6 kg Kraut per year. But ultimate kings of consuming Kraut are people from Poland: More then 20 kg per year of this vegetable went into their stomachs.  

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