Due the last century, especially german men are well known for travelling in uniform. People from Abroad now think, that germans have a special relation to uniforms. Not all ist true about this. Sure, sometimes it is very useful to have common dresses – like we can show on the picture.    

So: How does a german man gets his uniform?    

German UniformFirst time dressed: Parents are used to dress their baby similar to all other babys - maybe different colors for different genders. Have you ever tried out to find a baby in a big bunch of other babys? German men learn, that a uniform is good to hide in the crowd. 

Next time dressed: Teenage time. The German man decides to be different from all other people in the world - at least different to his parents. Scientists call that a sort of “creating own personality”. The german man decides to be Punk or Skinhead or whatever – just to be different from others. Funny thing to uniform yourself to show, that you are unique. 

The third time uniform: It is not used to be a time for all: The military. Only very few german men go there – so most do not have the knowledge of power of a military uniform.   

Later german men follow the dresscodes in business, find their uniformed opinion in newspapers and follow up everything that advertising can offer them – especially when they buy cars.  The time to use a uniform just as practical clothes for travelling are over.
German men do not like uniforms - they just wear them.

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