You found typing mistakes in our blog? Now you think, Germans cannot write correct English? Well, that is a common prejudice - and we proudly will explain, why this is wrong!

  1. We do not type wrong - we type “political correct”. Our strong wish is, that everybody feel comfortable while reading our blog. What would you think, if we bother a guy from South Bronx, a Highlander from hills Scotland or a “Dago” from deep “Down Under” with Oxford English? They would be sad about their own abilities and leave the blog directly. We do not want that! people should feel comfortable.
  2. Who the hell knows, which English is correct and which is incorrect? You think, our teachers should have known and just didn’t force us enough to get it into our brains? As you know: English is no Mother-language for Germans. And beside the qualification of our teachers in school - we had other resources to learn enough to communicate. Special thanks at this place to our private teachers “Modern Talking” and “Puff Daddy”

If you think, there are one or two words we should better correct - just for better understanding - feel free to write to