German Girls

One of the common prejudices is that all Germans are overweighed.

If you are an open eyed person, you’ll be aware about the truth. Look around there are a lot of Germans you know. Or is there somebody who will pretend Heidi Klum  or Claudia Schiffer as fat.

Of cause there are some Germans which are large, but they are mostly from south Germany, Bavaria. And as Bavarians they are not fat they are “gstandne Mannsbilder”. This is Bavarian and says they are “Real Men”.

Once more I’ve to send back this prejudice to where it comes from. Have a look at this! Nothing more to say about “Who’s Fat”.


German Girls vs US Girls
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Heidi Klum do not need to shaveI’ve heard many men talking about german women, who do not shape themselves under their arms or wherever it is needed. All those guys sure never have seen a german girl!

The truth is: Most german women DO NOT NEED TO SHAVE! They have skins like a peach. Or can you imagine Heidi Klum or Claudia Schiffer operating with a electric shaver? Can you imagine them acting with sharp knifes?

German girls are very clever. If there is any ugly hair on their perfect bodys, they will find ways to cover them - in every situation…

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