April 2006

Today we got the following email:

“I loved what you had to say too about German girls.:-)  I visited Munich
back in 2000 and was flabergasted at the sight of soo many beautiful

The worlds most beautiful women hands down are GERMAN WOMEN!!!!”

We asked ourselves, why he didn’t post it as comment? Maybe he’d like to stay anonymus? You can - even when you post a comment. As long as it no nonsense or spam, we promise not to delete! 

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Darwin was rightSome people in the world are discussing hard about the topic “Is manhood made by god or is it result of evolution”. In a small city in south of germany we have found the last proove for the evolution. Darwin was right!

You cannot call Bavaria a place of evil. I’d guess nowhere in germany so many people are visiting church (well, maybe places with mostly polish people). But here you find definatly prooves for Dawins Evolution: We found an old picture of an old visitor of the traditional german Restaurant “Würstlstube” in Ingolstadt. As you can see: At least Bavarians have their roots not in the rib of Adam but “Weißbier and Knoedel” from Bavaria …

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